Freeze Your Face

A few months ago we went through Gayle Erwin’s “Jesus Style” series and this was a piece of advice given to us during one of the class times: “go to the mirror and create every emotion you can come up with, then find the face of grace and freeze it.”

As I went through this series with our class, it was made clear over and over that Jesus was completely “others centered.” Every attribute that was listed revolved around Jesus being a servant to everyone else in every situation. (Mark 10:45)

It is our job to become like Christ and to follow His example laid out for us during His time on earth. Philippians 2 opens with a plea for us to pursue the nature of Jesus in our lives by loving one another and valuing them above ourselves in the same way Christ valued us to the point of death on a cross that we might be reconciled with Him in heaven.

I desire to be a person so full of the love in 1 Corinthians 13 that it overwhelms me! I can’t live out that life on my own, no matter how desperately I may try. The only way I can even come close without feeling completely overwhelmed is for God to live out that love through me and to follow the example given us by His son.

I pray that as I continue to grow and seek the Lord that my heart will become more and more like His and that the people I encounter will experience His love because it is simply overwhelming me and flowing over.

I want my face to forever be a reflection of the grace I have received in Christ with no room for condemnation to others. I know I mess this up daily but its something the Lord is teaching me and I wanted to share that bit with you =)

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Grace like Rain

In class we just recently went thought a unit on Grace. I learned about God giving us grace and about the grace that I should be giving others. We are completely being covered by God’s Grace, but this doesn’t give me the freedom to sin just because of God’s grace, Romans 6:1– What shall we say then shall we continue I sin that grace may abound? God forbid. God’s Grace is like a steady rain, that never stops flowing over you! I have learned where I have had to give myself grace to grow and when I mess up I don’t need to beat my self up about it. Where I have to give my family grace to grow in the Lord. I can’t control the decisions of my family and friends. I can control my own actions and honor the Lord with my decisions and not become legalistic. When I fail the Lord gives me grace to move on and change. When I fail the Lord gives me grace to move on and change.


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Today’s Picture – A Class on Grace

It was encouraging to hear from so many of the students that the classes on grace helped them to know and love Jesus more than before.

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