I recently had the privilege to travel to South Asia with my fellow School of Discipleship students to see some of the work God is doing through Gospel For Asia. Something that stood out to me about the trip was the contrasting realities I saw – while I observed signs of extreme poverty and suffering, I also witnessed the light and hope of Christ, shining through ministries like Bridge of Hope, as well as people like the women missionaries, bible college students and pastors. The distinction between the rich and poor was at times, pretty surreal, and was well demonstrated one day as our group drove through some busy city streets. At one point on the drive, I looked outside my left window to see a school bus full of children from seemingly well-to-do families. At the same time, outside my right window, were a few children running along with the traffic, stopping every once in a while to perform a song and dance, most likely to make some money. It was a bit difficult to process, but that experience and others like it have given me better understanding of the reality faced by so many in South Asia. I praise God for the opportunity to have had visited the mission field, as well as for the privilege to have been a part of the work He has been doing through Gospel For Asia throughout this past year.

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