Tonight after an amazing prayer meeting at Gospel for Asia, a group of friends and I decided to hit up a great restaurant called Cafe Brazil for some food and fellowship.

Today however, I called my mom and walked around outside while I caught up with her for a bit. I really miss her, so it was cool to chat with her about what’s going on in our lives.

While I was chatting with her a guy stopped by drinking a red bull.  I asked his name, and he said it was Tony. I was on the phone so I couldn’t really talk much to him.

Sam then came out and joined me and so I hung up with my mommy and invited Tony in to hang with the group hoping that we can share about Jesus with him, but after a little while he decided to leave.

I really think I should have shared the Gospel with him. God loves him and brought him there to meet us for a reason. Sadly I didn’t share Christ with him, but I will be praying for Tony.

Can you join me in prayer for Tony? That he will learn of the Truth and maybe one day we will see him in Heaven praising God with us. 🙂

Thanks for reading and for praying!

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