“God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble.”

This is a verse that my little sister wrote out for me on a piece of cardboard before I left home.  It has been sitting on my desk since I got to Gospel For Asia but it was only today – more than a month later – when I realized that this is what God has been teaching me for the whole time I’ve been here.  Whenever I mess up or feel homesick, God is with me.  I think that He has let me mess up so much while I’m here simply so I will rely on Him and remember that I am here for His glory – not because I am qualified.   He is always so near to me.  I am learning to listen to His voice and to accept His grace and peace.

His grace is His loving favor even when we continually mess up.  He cares for me so much that he made a way for my sins to be forgiven.  When I would be guilty before His throne – unable to have a relationship with Him – doomed to eternal hell, He sent a sacrifice.  His son died for me that I might stand before him even with my imperfections.  He can no longer see that I am not perfect.

Matt said in class this week that often we go before God and ask Him “How can You love me when I have done this sin?”  He said that God just looks at us and says “Why are you bringing that up again?  I distinctly remember forgetting that.”  Our God keeps no record of our wrongs or our shortcomings.  He only wants us to be able to live life to the fullest through being made into the likeness of His Son.

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