One of my favorite things about Gospel For Asia is the prayer meetings.  We have a prayer meeting every Tuesday night after work, every morning before work on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, Department prayer (The Volunteer department prayer is on Thursday mornings after morning prayer), and then my favorite…once a month we have a Friday all night prayer that goes from 6:30PM till 2:00AM.

It is so encouraging to pray for things that seem totally impossible from the world’s perspective, but when you pray in faith, believing that God has already answered it, and then later on hear about those very prayers being answered…man…it’s so awesome!  God is good!  So…my encouragement to you is: Keep praying!  If you ask in faith, then believe that God will do it!  Nothing is too hard or impossible for Him, just think about it.  He created EVERYTHING, so how could it even be possible for Him not to do something else?

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