The opportunity to pour your efforts on something bigger than yourself is more than an incredible blessing; it is an inexplicable phenomenon in which you witness your own change of heart.

There have been many instances where I find myself sad about a personal matter and get to express these emotions in prayer for a nation or a people who does not even have the freedom to worship Jesus in public. It is never easy to enter a time of prayer this way, but God taps on something inside me that only enlarges my heart each time.

A very tangible realization of God’s greatness occurs and it does require proof of my commitment to know God’s heart; but more so, with the little faith I have to persevere, God reveals the truth that I am made in His image because I can reflect His trait of choosing the higher road— in the case of the example I’ve given, this would be committing to pray for the nations anyway.

Similarly, everyday I’m in the office, though I constantly become weary of looking at a computer screen, I know I’m not “missing out in life” because I’m a part of bringing forth the gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world.

These may all sound like a feel-good realization but they aren’t because the difficulties do not cease in their coming. I’m learning that this isn’t about suppressing emotions or valid concerns about my daily life and close relationships—for these do matter to the Lord. But something in my soul is awakened or maybe reawakens when I choose a different outlet that the Lord provides for my worries and despairs—that is, crying out to Him for his kingdom come.

Coming to Gospel for Asia is the first time I have been exposed to the world of missions and the sobering call of the Great Commission of Christ. I have learned to pray for many hours and have become more aware of the world’s need for a Savior. But more than these practical skills, each waking hour I am here, I further recognize that I’m not the same person I was because I get to experience a little more of God’s heart and His love for mankind.

I am blessedly changed and so blessedly challenged.

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