Some walk through life in darkness,

Blinded to the truth

Laid so clearly before them.

Their hands are tied,

Their feet in stocks,

Their voices silenced at a glance.

They stumble nearly every step

And find it hard to rise again.

The pain is great,

Their minds are crushed.

Like snakes crawling on the ground

They do not stand

And like a fish,

The ocean is all they ever know.


Others walk through life in light and gladness.

They are ever gazing

Into a beauty only they can see.

Their faith is planted on the truth.

Though they fall,

They rise again.

Their hands are free,

Their feet are dancing,

Their voices shout out songs of praise.

Freedom is their name

And love is their guide.

They are like an eagle

Gazing from a lofty mountain,

Like a bright light that cannot be dimmed.


Each of us have a choice to make before us, it is the choice of submission or rebellion. Those in darkness have chosen the way of rebellion, though they may not have realized it their hearts have been hardened by choosing their own way and now life has fallen from their grasp. But those who live in the light have found the greatest treasure of a heart in submission and brokenness. These are the people that touch godliness and truly experience the wonders and powers of the risen Christ in them.


Recently at School of Discipleship, us students went through a book by K.P. Yohannan, “Touching Godliness”. This book opened my eyes to see how God has created this world to work in submission. He created us dependent on one another and on Him. The authorities He has placed over us are for our own protection and growth. Just like the wild horse is useless to its master, while the broken and submissive horse is of great use to its rider; God can only use the people submitted and broken of their own wills.

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