Recently my friend Sieka and I were going to hang out at our friend’s house after work and just chill. A seemingly simple task right? Well, it didn’t quite turn out the way we expected, but I think it was better that way.

After work we had decided to take her car to the store, pick up some super healthy ramen, head over to our friend’s house and eat it there, then just hang out the rest of the evening. We got to her car, and our plans were changed right then and there, as she went to turn her key in the ignition, it wouldn’t budge. Her car was locked, we tried everything from holding in the brake pedal, to turning the steering wheel while trying to turn the key, but nothing worked. Eventually we called our friend Kevin who knows cars better than most people I know, and even he couldn’t fix it! So, we decided to just take my car instead.

We head over to my apartment, so we can change out of work attire and into comfy clothes. As we get to my door, on the third floor of the apartment complex, I discover that I left my house key on my desk at work, behind a locked door. So instead of changing, I drop Sieka off at Kroger to pick up the food as I drive 10 mins back to the office to retrieve my key.

As I get to Gospel for Asia, I realized that my key, to get into the building, is with my housekey behind the locked door (and the key to get into the office is with the housekey as well). So I call Sieka, and at this point we just laugh at this interesting adventure that our simple journey turned out to be. Thankfully she left her purse in my car when I dropped her off at Kroger, and her key was in her purse. So I took her key, let myself in the building, tracked down someone who could help me get my keys from behind the locked door, drove back to Kroger, picked up Sieka, drove back to my apartment and changed, and then FINALLY we arrive at our friend’s place with a rather exciting story to share.

Overall I am glad that I had Sieka with me, would have been very frustrating to go through alone. And this way we are building memories as our friendship continues to grow. 🙂

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