I wrote this about a month after coming back from Asia.  Being with our brothers and sister, seeing their dedication really impacted me.

Who are these people,

So humble and meek?

They live in the slums

They live on the streets.

These people love Jesus

You can see it in their eyes

Sense it in their spirit

Hear it in their cries.

They weep for these people

They pray and they fast.

Waiting for the day

That all know Jesus at last.

May my heart be moved

May I not be unchanged

Help me do all I can

That all might know the Way.

Lord, let me weep for these people

As I pray and I fast

Let me not rest

Till they know You at last.

May my thoughts and my ways

All I do, all I say

Bring You honor and glory

For all of my days

We will go forward

To share the Good News

We will go onward

Sharing the Truth

We will go forward

To tell about Christ

Bringing hope, living water,

And everlasting life.


Sarah 2011


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