I had some trouble sleeping last night (too much caffeine last night, I think!) and it made me think of the women who went to Jesus’ tomb so early in the morning. I can just picture them restless through the night, wanting to get to the tomb as soon as they could. Their last chance to do something for Jesus, so they thought. So when it was still dark they made their way to where His body was laid. But it wasn’t there anymore. Tired and grieving, all Mary Magdalene could do was cry, overwhelmed with it all.

But in a beautiful picture of the nature of Jesus, this was the moment He came to her. What a shock! I can imagine thoughts going through her mind. He’s dead. At least He was…I saw His body wrapped up in the tomb. But He knew her name, He was standing right there! He really was alive.

I always get so excited on the morning of Resurrection Sunday. After the weekend, thinking and meditating on His death, it’s seems like fresh news that He’s alive. The most wonderful part is that He’s just as alive and present every morning. And He knows my name, just like He knew Mary’s. When I’m overwhelmed and everything seems to be at it’s worst, that’s when He comes, saying “Corie Anna.” And He knows your name too. What a wonderful Savior!

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