Today June 15th, 2010 I have been at Gospel For Asia and School of Discipleship for 10 months.  However as much as I am mentally in denile of it-this  fact is true.  Recently I went home and was asked to descibe what my experience has been like. I honestly cannot do credit to how truly wonderful it has been. I have learned so much and in exactly 46 days I will be going home . There is a song I recently listend to and in the chorus it says:

“Now that I have seen, I am responsible -Faith without deeds is dead”

In light of all I have exerienced and learned I now echo her words-Now that I have seen I am responsible-Responsible for living a life contrary to the world, resposible for making sure Jesus’ name is proclaimed in all the earth, responsible to be a tool of God no matter the cost, responsible to LOVE (1 cor 13), responsible to pursue God with a fire like zeal, and responsible to tell others what I now know.

This I know is considered to be crazy by some, but knowing what I know now, it would be more crazy to do nothing.

No :)…………………………… I am going to be used by God to Change the World 🙂

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