Camera Lenses and Love

At a recent prayer meeting, Danny talked about how important it is to keep your camera lens clean. If it’s not cleaned regularly, then dirt, dust, and sometimes even fungus can get in the camera or lens and ruin any chance of taking a nice photo. This all is a representative of a bigger picture. We are supposed to keep our hearts, minds, and eyes clean so that we can clearly reflect God’s nature to those around us.

So often Christ is misrepresented by those who claim to be Believers, but lie, steal and destroy those around them. Clearly they are not “loving one another” as Christ commanded us to do. Now, I’m not writing this to judge them, or knock them down in any way. Because how often do we, ourselves misrepresent the Lord to those around us?

Maybe we are frustrated in traffic at the person who isn’t turning fast enough. Or the person in the grocery store took the last item off the shelf that you needed for dinner that night. Or maybe you are tired and exhausted, and get impatient with those around you. I know I struggle a lot with those simple things. But doesn’t God say in John 13:35 “by this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

A good test of this happened not too long ago for me. I had the privilege to travel up to Pennsylvania, with my best friend Katie, to spend a few days at Christmas with my amazing family. I was so excited, yet so nervous at the same time. I’m not sure why I was nervous, they’re my family and I love them dearly. But it had been a year since I had seen most of them, and I knew I had missed a lot. Would I be able to just fit in like normal? Would they notice any growth that the Lord had done in my life? Would I be able to love them like Christ loves them, and be a good representation of Christ to them?

As the days flew by, I could feel my energy draining. By the time I was boarding the plane with Katie, I had just come off a very busy week at work. I was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted. I wasn’t sure I would have enough energy or enthusiasm left to give everyone attention when they came over. The only thing left for me to do was pray. Pray that the Lord would use me, despite my inability to give anything.

As I arrived, I felt like I was a visitor. I love my Mommy, my brother, and the rest of my family and friends. But I knew that I didn’t “belong” in PA anymore. No matter how much I may think about how things “might have turned out”, what I could be doing, who I might be hanging out with. It was like God confirmed to me, yet again, that He called me to Gospel for Asia, and that no matter how hard things may get, He will use me as I remain faithful to Him in Texas.

Time flew by as we moved from the open house on Friday, to Christmas Eve celebrations on Saturday, Christmas on Sunday, and then last minute things on Monday. Each day, God filled me with His Spirit, His patience and His love. It was like, even though I had nothing left to give, all God needed was a willing heart. A willing heart that allowed Him to clearly reflect His glorious, and awe-inspiring nature, to those who gathered around. I was able to play with my cousins, and not be frustrated with them, but enjoy every moment spent with them. To talk with relatives and boldly share what the Lord is doing in my life, and share possible plans for the future. To laugh and worship with friends, without being shy or nervous about who the Lord has transformed me into in the past year. To spend time with my mommy, brother, and Katie and not be worried or flustered with all the chaos of preparing for people to come over. And as silly as it seems, it was enjoyable to spend time playing with my mom’s dog Sawyer, and her new puppy Finn, even when Finn would try to escape in the yard.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter how tired you may be, always keep your camera lens clean. Allow God to work through your life to those who might be around. Ask the Lord to make you a clear reflection of His magnificent glory.

Thanks for reading, I’m praying for each of you. God Bless!

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Student Interview: Jordan, Video Department

How do you think your work is impacting the mission field in Asia?

  • One of the most powerful ways to communicate information is through a video. Serving in this ministry has shown me how much the Lord is working in Asia. I’ve had the privilege to see powerful testimonies, and, through the Video Department, I can help communicate those stories and praises to people around the world. It’s not uncommon for a video made here to be seen by tens of thousands of people, so the potential impact from the video department is huge!

What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

  • From storyboarding and scripting, to shooting, editing and distributing, I’ve been able to learn from talented individuals who have taught me how to create videos not through a textbook, but by hands-on involvement. These videos have specific purposes which has propelled my learning and ability to produce quality media.

 What practical skills have you gained?

  • One of the biggest blessings of serving here is being able to learn video production on professional equipment. I never would have thought I’d get my hands on the software and equipment I get to use every day.

What is it like working alongside the staff?

  • Working alongside the staff is special to say the least. My supervisor is sold out for the Lord and dedicated to excellence in all he does. My learning from him has gone far beyond the video production process, to walking with the Lord through the highs and lows of life. He’s been a living testimony of patience and grace, as well as a constant source of encouragement.

What has the Lord taught you through your role?

  • The Lord has taught me great lessons about working with people and being flexible. I’ve learned a lot about walking day by day with Jesus as opposed to meeting Him once a week on Sunday mornings.

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Dying From Happiness!

In the movie Pride and Prejudice Jane Bennett has just become engaged to Mr. Bingly and while talking to her sister she exclaims “Can you die from happiness?”

Over the past few weeks I have said the exact same thing. In 2010 I graduated from the School of Dscipleship and right now I am back once again. Visiting everyone and volunteering in the office. Every time I am around this family (the Gospel For Asia staff) I am blessed far more than I could even begin to express. My mouth actually hurts I am smiling so much.

But I suppose it is deeper than happiness, rather it is true joy. Joy knowing that God has put such wonderful people in my life..ME! That out of everyone in the world (billions…so I hear) I was one of the few that got to be apart of their family. They teach me so much because their hearts desire to glorify God and they can’t help but shine because of it!

So thank you Jesus for my Gospel for Asia Family and letting me have these precious few weeks with them!




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In a Nutshell

This poem was inspired by our teaching times with Francis Chan and David Platt.  Having them here was a good reminder that while God brought me here to reach the lost, it wasn’t because He needed me.  God’s got it covered but He allows me to be here because He loves me.


Our God, He is full of glory

Why would I think that He needs to use me?

He’s awesome, powerful majestic and strong

I’m not here to help, just to tag along.


I serve because I love Him and He first loved me.


My goal? To share the Gospel.  That’s why I’m here.

Because He called me to Texas to die for a year.

He died once for all on Calvary’s tree

But too often I rely on my own sufficiency.


Why do I think God needs me on His team?

I don’t need stress – it’s not about me.

He’s got this thing totally taken care of.

I just need to remain here.  Lost in His love.


God’s looks for the one to whom He can show grace

I’ve just got to remember to look into His face.

Not to think that I’m great or so grand

But to rely on Him and follow His plan.


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Graduation Video for School of Discipleship August 2010

For graduation, our class was told to prepare something, whether it be a skit, a presentation, video, slide show, etc. Here is what my class and I put together.  I hope you enjoy!

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