Car Adventures

So, I love my friends, I’ll start by saying that.

I was on my way home from work today and it just so happens that some of my friends drive home the same way as I do. I got to a shorter light and was in the process of changing my CD when all of a sudden, out of nowhere there is an arm reaching across my windsheild and puts up one of my windshield wipers. (A harmless prank that my friends and I usually do to each others cars when they are in a parking lot).

I of course jump a mile in my seat, and look over in time to see one of my friends running back to another friend’s car which is in the far other lane away from mine, and he’s laughing, a third friend pulls next to me, and I have very short time to act.

With barely 15 seconds before the light turns green, I quickly roll my window down, put my car in park, take my seatbelt off and reach out my window to put the windshield wipers back down. Of course my arm was too short so I had to really reach for the thing. Just as the light turned green I got back in my car and drove off. Putting my seatbelt on as I stole a last glance back to my friends who were laughing in the car.

Gotta love my friends 🙂 I couldn’t stop laughing about it till I got home. Hehe

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