Silence Is Golden

Earlier in the year, we went camping with the School of Discipleship people, and a few families. God used that to grow me in a way I never knew camping would be used for. Here’s what I said in my second newsletter about it:

So God is continuing to mold me and the people in my class, and even the leaders here so much, even in just these past few months.  He has brought me, personally, through so much, that only a year ago, I would have not even thought possible.  I have been taught, and am continuing to learn the value of being still and quiet before the Lord.  Which may sound simple in some respects, but for me, it was really hard to learn that lesson.  One of the things that I find the most uncomfortable is silence.  I never really saw the importance of it.  I would always have music going on in the background, or I would be fidgeting a lot because it is so hard to sit still. But a few weekends ago, over Halloween, the School of Discipleship went on a camping trip.

During that time, we were given multiple hours to spend alone with God, and spend time basking in His glory and His creation.  While I was out there in the forest (I hadn’t been in a forest since I was back home in PA) I began to evaluate my motives.  I asked myself multiple questions, and arrived at the same conclusion with God’s help.  Not only did I need to spend more time in His presence, but I needed to say no to my flesh and its wanting noise and movement, and let all of my attention go to God, and God alone.

This is only one of the many things that God is showing me in my life right now.  But it is possibly one of the most important ones.  I say that because, in the silence, it is possible to really hear God speak.  To really hear His guidance in my life. Silence truly is golden. Thanks again! And remember always… God is good!

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