Which Shade of Love will Match My Shoes?


I am currently studying at the Master’s College for my Bible Certificate. Right now my class is New Testament Survey. Every week I have to write a blog post on the Scripture. So this time I thought I would share my thoughts with you all : )

Romans 12:9-21
Paul starts this section off by saying “Let love be genuine.” So I was going to write about the whole passage but seriously this verse alone is enough to write a whole book on. Like WOW!!!

I am sure it would be easier for each of us to let our love seem genuine, to walk around with the façade of love instead of the real thing. In my own life I am very good at being nice to people and listening to what they have to say, but at the end of the day can I really say that I love them? In many cases I would have to answer no. I am nice, however, not because I genuinely care or love people but because if I’m not, what would people think of me?!? (aka: the motive behind my actions is pride, not love.)

In John 13:34 Jesus gave His disciples a new command which was to love one another. Then in verse 35 He told them that by their love for one another the world would know they belonged to Him. Love was their identifying badge; the act that set them apart.

Real love cannot help but be noticed. It is practically like putting a giant billboard in the sky for all to see. It glorifies the Father and allows Him to show Himself to the world.
However if we masquerade as people who “love” each other, no one will really ever know because a fake seed cannot bear fruit.

As I get older and study the Bible more and more, I am finding love, genuine, all out love is neither easy nor comfortable. It is, however, vital! It requires that we remain humble, lay down our self, be vulnerable and honest. It may be received and equally given back or it may be rejected and thrown in our face. Either way it is not a suggestion that will help us change the world, it is a command that is guaranteed to change the world.

So while it is hard, it is not impossible. We have the perfect example in the Father and the Son, we have the Word and Spirit to lead and guide us and we have the joy of knowing it will glorify the Lord as it puts all the spotlight on Him, which is exactly what we were created to do. Plus, just think how our brothers and sisters will blossom and flourish if we give genuine love freely, how it will strengthen the body and allow us to grow in the process!


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Blog Devo – Faith Like A New Zealand Eel

One day while flipping through the TV channels I came across a show called “River Monsters.” In this particular episode they we’re trying to figure out if it were possible for a New Zealand eel to kill a grown man. There had been reports of sheep, horses and even children, being attacked. The one thing they couldn’t figure out, is how these eels, while not having gigantic jaws or teeth, could tear the flesh right off of an animal or human being. They put the carcass of a deer into the shallow waters and fixed cameras underwater to see what would happen. What took place next shocked the host. The eels would grab hold of the deer’s flesh and begin spinning violently, (like a drill-bit) until chunks of flesh would begin to tear and eventually rip completely off the carcass!

In God’s Word we are told to live by faith. This is not a blind faith, where you just close your eyes and “hope for the best.” It is a faith based on the absolutely dependable character of who God is and the promises He has given to us. When you go through Hebrews chapter 11 you read about the lives of the men and women who were commended for their faith. They all had one thing in common: they grabbed onto the promises of God with all their might and would not let go. You could say, “They had faith like a New Zealand eel.”

Even now you may be facing doubts about your own work, family, friends or personal struggles. Let us trade in those doubts, through prayer, for the promises of God. And let us hang on to them for deer life (pun intended).

Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Psalms 31:24

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