Food, Fellowship, Worship and Fun

So last night we had a worship night at a staff families house. It was great! We started off by eating as most School of Discipleship events do. Then our very own Alley led us in a few songs. After that it was open for anyone to share what God has been doing or read verses giving Him glory. I was able to share how Awesome Jesus is and how bubbly He makes me. Which is always exciting!!

It was a great night and I was so encouraged by the stories that were told and the way God is moving. It blows my mind to think that He is moving in ALL of our lives and so intricately to boot. He is truely worthy of our praise.

Thank you Jesus



We got the opportunity as the School of Discipleship to volunteer at an event called TwentyTen.  At the event we had a variety of roles.  We worked at the booths handing out our free book “Revolution in World Missions” and shared with people about our Bridge of Hope ministry and our National Missionaries.

Bethany and I got the chance to work at the sound booth so that we could video crowd shots and the speakers at the event. We also go to meet the sound engineers for the various bands that were playing. Those guys are pretty nifty.

We also got the opportunity to hear Uncle KP speak, now that was amazing. If only you could have heard him engage the crowd and share with them about the chance they would have to change the world for eternity by becoming more aware of what is happening outside America.