What Does A Skunk A Bad Internet Connection And A Power Cord Have In Common?

What do a skunk, a bad internet connection, and a missing power cord have in common?  I’ll get back to that.  In the mean time I’ll let you know about a few things that I’ve been doing lately.

About a month ago God made it clear to me that I was supposed to join staff at Gospel for Asia.  Yes!  Now I’m support raising at home so that I can get back to Texas and keep serving at the home office.

I knew it was going to be a battle to raise support and stay connected to the ministry but I was sure I’d conquer it all!  It turns out some things can be a little harder to get done in the country than in the city.  For instance, where I live in Michigan it’s all forest and well, cold.  I have a few oddities I’m dealing with.  One is that my family doesn’t have high speed internet – it’s not that bad, there are just a few things I can’t do at home.  I was very excited to live stream a Gospel For Asia prayer meeting once I got back.  (Gospel For Asia streams a prayer meeting every first Friday.  Join us!)  The first time I went to a prayer meeting I had to drive 6 miles through the wilderness to get to a connection I could watch the meeting on.  Everything was wonderful!  I really enjoyed praying with the Gospel For Asia family and felt like I was back at home (the TX one).

When I got home I was worn out – ready to hop in bed and sleep.  I came through the driveway but discovered that there was a skunk by the front door!  There was NO way I was getting out now.  I thought about getting grumpy but decided it was the first adventure of support raising in the country.  I called a friend and we talked for a while.  Then I talked to another friend till I was sure the skunk was gone. 🙂

Well, I was trying to watch another prayer meeting one day.  I’d been a little discouraged that day but was really looking forward to hearing the message and uniting in prayer with everyone.  My connection didn’t work.  I’d get a few words – maybe a sentence – then the video would freeze.  I finally gave up.

Another prayer meeting arrived… I was sick but determined that though I was tired I was not going to stay home.  I wanted to have dedication and not just decide to sit on the couch at home.  I drove myself back out to the internet and set up my computer.  Suddenly I realized that I did’n’t have my power cord with me.  I had 43 minutes of battery life left.  True to its word my computer turned off from a low battery 43 minutes through the prayer meeting.  Well at least I got to go to bed a little early…

So, the question at the beginning of this was, “What do a skunk, a bad internet connection, and a missing power cord have in common?”  The answer is prayer meetings of course!

There’s always going to be something that will draw your attention away from what is best.  I’ve noticed that wacky things happen when I try to get to a prayer meeting.  For you it’s most likely something else that the enemy doesn’t want you to be doing.  Maybe it’s reading the Bible.  There are 101 things that will come up and seem like they need your attention.  When those things happen just purpose in your heart that God will come first.  I laugh when I think that God used a skunk and a power cord to teach me a lesson.  Maybe it just takes more to get my attention than other people…