Fellowship, Soccer and Wrestling!

Something I really like about GFA is the community and closeness we have with each other as brothers and sisters with the same purpose. I have never experienced a more closer community of Christ then I have here at GFA. Every day we work together, pray together and occasionally we have GFA family nights here at the ministry…those are just good times to talk with one another, encourage one another and just enjoy each other’s company. Often, we eat together as a GFA family. I enjoy the fellowship here so much as we all work together to reach the lost in Asia.

Along these lines, I enjoy playing soccer, as do many others here at GFA. As often as we can, we try to plan a soccer game at a soccer field near the GFA office. It looks like we’re shooting to have these soccer games about every other week. I love soccer…it’s probably my favorite sport to play and I enjoy doing this with my GFA family. Sometimes it can get pretty competitive but for the most part it’s just for fun. We have anywhere between 10-20 people that end up usually showing up to these games. The age range is anywhere between little kids to adults to whole families showing up. Over the last couple years, I’ve seen some of the kiddos really develop and get good at soccer, making it harder for an old folk (I’m 22) like me to play soccer against them…hehe. The reason I say all of this, is I just love playing soccer with my GFA family and I love just seeing all of the kids and adults coming out and playing together. It’s good exercise, it’s fun and we try to be safe and respectful of one another, making sure not to hurt each other or get too competitive that it takes the fun out of the game for others. It really is edifying too as a body of believers. I’ve never left these soccer games feeling down, disappointed or like I wasted a couple hours. I’d rather do this then watch TV! hehe.

Another thing I like doing with some of my brothers here is just the enjoyment of wrestling…hehe. No, we do not have a GFA wrestling team or club of any sort. But ever since my brother Stan came to do the School of Discipleship we’ve seen wrestling matches start in the living room of GFA families’ houses! I’ve taken an enjoyment in that too. It’s good exercise and it’s just fun. As I was thinking about our wrestling matches (they’re friendly!) I realized that I used to do this kind of thing back in Junior high but I did this out of anger towards someone and I’d beat people up. But now that has all changed and I was thinking about this with my brothers here at GFA and just realized we’re doing this because it’s fun and it is a guy thing. We’re not doing it because we’re mad at each other…we’re doing it because it’s a thing that we brothers like doing and it’s good excercise and I find it rather edifying and builds character too….what I mean by it builds character is that when I lose (which I often do…hehe!) I know it’s just for fun and I still love that brother who won and we’re still friends and we’re still brothers!

Along with this at GFA, there is volleyball available to people. Though I don’t enjoy volleyball as much, others do enjoy it. There’s opportunities to play basketball too and many other recreational things with your brothers and sisters here while still working together to reach Asia with the Gospel.

I cherish these times of fellowship and it’s something I’ve learned to not take for granted. I haven’t got this kind of fellowship and close community anywhere else like I have here. Aw, I love hanging out with my GFA family in this way!

These things mentioned above are just a few things I’ve thought about or the Lord showed me in regards to these activities that some of us enjoy doing together here at GFA. Ah, what a blessing it is to be here and apart of this GFA family!