I Give You Everything Lord

I Give You Everything Lord


Jesus I love you, I say this from the depth of my soul,

It’s only to you I give my life and everything that seems to be a goal,

My life’s attainment in riches, glory, and fame,

Has all come to nothing, even at the mention of your name,

I’m sorry I have failed your mandates,

Make me someone worthy enough to be some type of Your  candidate,

I need and want to be more like you,

And if you must, give me the flu,

Just to hear you speak,

And tell me my heart sure does reek,

Tell me the state of my eternal life,

And if you must, tell it to me from something even as strife,

Just to pound hard your principles in me,

And make me not want to flee,

To follow hard after your heel,

And not just talk to you before every meal.

Make me to see things in your type of view,

Lord, Help me to seek YOU!!!


Donovan 2011


In a Nutshell

This poem was inspired by our teaching times with Francis Chan and David Platt.  Having them here was a good reminder that while God brought me here to reach the lost, it wasn’t because He needed me.  God’s got it covered but He allows me to be here because He loves me.


Our God, He is full of glory

Why would I think that He needs to use me?

He’s awesome, powerful majestic and strong

I’m not here to help, just to tag along.


I serve because I love Him and He first loved me.


My goal? To share the Gospel.  That’s why I’m here.

Because He called me to Texas to die for a year.

He died once for all on Calvary’s tree

But too often I rely on my own sufficiency.


Why do I think God needs me on His team?

I don’t need stress – it’s not about me.

He’s got this thing totally taken care of.

I just need to remain here.  Lost in His love.


God’s looks for the one to whom He can show grace

I’ve just got to remember to look into His face.

Not to think that I’m great or so grand

But to rely on Him and follow His plan.


A Few of My Favorite Things (The Mosquito Remix)

A Few Of My Favorite Things
(The Mosquito Remix)

Rain on umbrellas,and playing the keyboard;
Afternoon tea-break and praising the Lord;
Family answ’ring the phone when it rings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

When mosquitoes bite, when the ant stings,
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don’t feel so bad.

Taking my shoes off outside of the door
Sitting cross-legged on mats on the floor
Seeing a friend from the “Land of Kings”
These are a few of my favorite things.

Wearing punjabis and eating lime pickle
Spending two rupees instead of a nickel
Asian believers beginning to sing
These are a few of my favorite things.

Corie Anna 2010

Hey guys, thought you might like this. Enjoy!

I Just Want You To Share

How is it that I have been in His Word but not with Him?

This feels as if I have only been on an everyday whim,

My eyes have been covered with a veil,

I have seen it as coming and going mail,

This dirty and sinful heart of mine,

Is there anyone at all that can make this darkness shine?

Even though I hope against hope,

Pull me up! I am at the end of this rope,

I will not give up and be cast down,

I will not be the one you call the clown,

There is a man of great hope, I hear,

Please tell me about Him and make it clear,

For I am yearning in my soul,

As much as a lamb yearns in winter for wool,

To be taught and disciplined in his word,

Even if all I attain to be is a nerd,

I don’t care, please, I just want you to share,

Share about the one who made you care.

Donovan 2010

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