Out of the Comfort Zone and Into the Twilight Zone

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was initiated into the Volunteer Department via flying monkey attack.  So I decided I’d share a bit more about what the Volunteer department is and what it does, and give a little bit more of an idea to you all about the opportunities we get wile working in the office.  (this is off my very first newsletter, but I like what it says)

What the volunteer department does is work with all the different volunteers all throughout the country and finds events that those volunteers can set up a booth to share about the amazing opportunities Gospel For Asia has for them to be personally involved with reaching the lost in Asia.  My job in the department is event manager for the Western and Central regions of the country.

So I find and register as a vendor for the different events, and then I work with the region managers for those regions to find the volunteers that can go to the events.  I also make orders, so that the volunteers will have the materials they need from the free book, Revolution in World Missions, to ordering profiles, by shooting an email to the Fulfillment department, so people can sponsor the Bridge of Hope kids or a National Missionary.

When I first got to this department, I wasn’t quite sure why God placed me there. Why wasn’t He placing me somewhere that I actually knew what to do, like the video department, or the graphics department? Why the Volunteer department? But now I can plainly see why.

God is using the volunteer department to take me out of my comfort Zone, like He so frequently does, and is growing me in areas that I desperately needed growth and stretching. One example is getting me to not be afraid of the phone.  He has made me realize that it’s not about me and what I’m not comfortable with.  When I have to use the phone, I don’t think of how I am not comfortable with it. I think of how much of an impact that one phone call will have in reaching the lost in Asia.  So I am very glad I am in the Volunteer department.

Ain’t God Good

So, we have reached one of the busy seasons in the Volunteer Department. There are a lot of events coming up, which means a lot of orders need to be made, volunteers need to be organized, and details need to be finalized.

To be honest, if we weren’t depending on the Lord in each and every decision that has to be made, nothing would get done, things would fall between the cracks, and the events wouldn’t bear lasting fruit.

I know for me personally, if I don’t depend on the Lord in these situations, I end up freaking out. Thankfully, I have the Lord, His many promises, and all the other people in Gospel For Asia that are encouraging, a great help, and are willing to stop and listen. Praise God for providing!

Depending on God one step at a time

During Christmas time I wrote something in my newsletter about how I was learning about depending on God for things that I wasn’t capable of doing on my own. This has been a constant lesson that I’m learning, so it’s great to go back and re-read all my old newsletters.   : ) Here’s what I wrote:

Gospel For Asia is possibly the closest example of how the Body of Christ should be working together.  We are like one gigantic family, which is what it should be like.  I could go up to almost anybody here and ask them to pray for me for something, and they would do it.  Or, in prayer meetings, I am comfortable praying with any one of the people here, simply because of the bond that is so evident between every believer here.

In the Volunteer Department it is spectacular, I feel so close to each of the people, here with me. Right now we are all busy with the Christmas Catalog campaign, where the managers are calling up different volunteers to send them our Christmas catalogs to pass out to others.  Then, since there are not many events around Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are registering for events that we will go to next year.

God has been using registrations to get me to depend on Him more.  How is He doing that?  Well, I have to be more assertive, which I am not very good at, I have to call people to make sure we get the right details, I delegate and pass some work onto our volunteers that come in to the office so that I have more time to do the other jobs I have to do.  All of those things combined are hard to do in  a work day. So prayer and dependence on God is very much so needed.  Without Him, I would be so stressed out that I would make myself sick, and soon, not be able to work at all.

So I am thankful that God is with me every step of the way, and He put amazing people in the department with me so that I can go to them with questions, and not be afraid to ask for help.  We are one body, if one part is not working right, the rest will not work as well either, which is why we work together, not afraid to come to each other with our problems. God is good!!

Flying Monkeys

Many funny things happen in the Volunteer department. One of my highlights was having a screaming monkey flying at me when I wasn’t expecting it.  I fell out of my chair, my heart skipped a few beats, and they called it my initiation to the Volunteer department.


Hello, hello…?!

I work out at front desk at the end of everyday. And that requires me to bring my headset from my office. Because this requires so many steps I sometimes forget to plug my headset in after getting to the front desk. On this particular afternoon that exact thing happened. Only this time I didn’t catch it before I answered the beckoning phone.

Gospel for Asia how may I help u……..Hello……hello??……….”


Eventually I realized my headset was not plugged in and talked to the lady on the other end. After I finished talking with the lady, I laughed about the whole situation.


Burning the Midnight Oil

The first Friday of every month, here at Gospel For Asia, there is a late night prayer session. What an awesome time of fellowship and intercession for the Lost. From 6:30pm-2:00am we gather in the auditorium and we pray, worship, and hear a message from God’s word; followed with a break half way through to eat some amazing food, then continue to intercede for the lost.


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