1 Rip-Stick + Busted Wheel + Slippery Garage = ?

Yesterday when I was about to go help two friends pack their apartment so they can move to my house on Saturday, I was playing in the garage when I noticed my Rip-Stick.  The back wheel is broken, and I need to get it fixed, I showed one of my friends, and then I mentioned that I probably shouldn’t use it till the wheel is fixed, lest I get hurt.  Of course, disregarding what I just said, I put it on the ground and went to ride it.  The Garage is probably not the best place to use it since the floor is kinda slippery, let alone with a broken wheel.  But regardless of all common sense, I decide to try it anyway.  What’s the worst that could happen anyway?

I start riding it, and about three seconds later I find myself falling to the floor.  SMACK!  my knee hits the ground really hard, and the pain shoots up through my arm.  Quite a painful experience. After spending a minute on the floor in pain, I try to stand up and head to the car so I can drive over to the apartment.  I couldn’t walk on it very well, was glad that I only need my Right leg to drive, and not my left…

Was sorta a funny happening, one of my friends was laughing so hard she started crying.  With my broken pride, and throbbing knee, I drive over to the apartment and enjoy laughing at my lack of common sense.  It really was quite hilarious, now that I look back on it.

I guess the point of this post is to share with you that before riding your Rip-stick, make sure the wheels are intact and you’re not in the garage. 🙂  But I’m sure you can use your imagination and learn something from this as well. 🙂

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