Nerf Wars!

This past Saturday a group of us Gospel For Asia peoples went out to have a nerf war at a playground near one of the familie’s house. It was a great form of exercise, and I rediscovered some muscles that have long since been dormant in my body. Pushing through the pain, I must say that playing with nerf guns outside when it’s slightly windy is a challenge. I had near perfect aim…when we were inside…but then add the element of teams, adrenaline, and wind… I was lucky if I could hit one person each round!

Though I did find out that my husband and I make a pretty good team. We played where if you were shot, someone on your team had to come and tag you to unfreeze you, but if both of you were shot, then your team was out. So much like how a medic in Team Fortress 2 stays right by a heavy so you can annihilate your foes without much harm done to the dynamic duo, I was Tim’s medic and we made a really good team! (see you can learn life lessons from video games! Like how to survive in a nerf war!)

I’m looking forward to the next nerf war, and I’ve even brought my nerf gun to my desk at work, and it’s already played a big part in the sanity of our little web department. Here’s the story:

Adam came by to work on my computer and while he was here, I was playing around with my nerf gun. One of my co-workers sees Danny down the hallway and says “aw! Danny was just in the hallway… I know! I’ll email him!” So she proceeds to email Danny. Her email was something along the lines of “Could you come to the web department; if you can?” A few minutes later, Danny comes into Web and I release a stream of nerf darts at him. To which he says “I knew there was something up, my coworker would never email me that. I should have come around the other way so I could have seen you too! (referring to me standing near my desk out of view of the door)”

You know you work in an awesome place when you can shoot the vice president of the organization with a nerf gun and he thinks it’s cool 🙂

Anyone For a Game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!!!

I like to run.  And when I need to get away and think, I’ll go for long runs.  There is a 5 mile loop I try to run once or twice a week, if I have the time.  Just the other day, I went a total of 9 miles, walking some of the way of course.

But, no, running is not what I got on here to write about.  It’s the pattern I’ve noticed on days that I run distances– I can’t stop eating.  It’s actually rather annoying.  I’ll eat and eat and eat and still feel like I need to eat some more.  But as with other physical experiences God used this to bring to mind a corresponding spiritual lesson.  Our life as a “chosen people, a royal priesthood,” (1 Peter 2:9) is meant to be completely spent on Him who is our Lord and Savior.  When we spend our lives on Him we will crave the nourishment that His Word provides; we can’t help but do so because we’ve completely emptied ourselves in His work.  So just as I completely exhaust myself on long runs and so crave the food that my body can turn into energy, I need to crave the Word.  If I intend to live the entirety of each day serving the Lord (which I do), then I need to be feasting on the Scriptures that I might have the “energy,” the “nutrients,” to keep me alive and able to press on.

The Apostle Paul calls this life a “race” and a “fight” (2 Timothy 4:7).  Be battle ready and able to run.  Feast on the Word today and everyday.  Crave the Word like newborn babies do milk. (1 Peter 2:2)  It’s what will keep you going forward and upward in life.