Silenced By His Presence


What a journey of faith we are called to walk! My time here at Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship so far, has allowed me to realize, like never before, that I MUST KNOW GOD! That in him alone do I have any value, hope, or help. He is indeed my All whether I agree or not, and oh how I must die so that he might become My Life in a more powerful, intimate, and evident way!

Through great pains and triumphs alike, Jesus the Christ of God has revealed himself in the most loving and intimate ways possible. Never before have I felt like such a child in the care of my Heavenly Father… crying, giggling, and overflowing with laughter all at once, in His precious presence!

I recall my first week, feeling myself to be completely shattered by temptation and burden of soul, the Lord spoke to me through the entire chapter of Isaiah 40! Silenced before his HOLY POWERFUL PRESENCE, I could do nothing but think, WOW what a GOD! To know that the SOVEREIGN LORD of the universe would take interest in giving one such mortal as I life and strength… and beyond, that he would allow me to mount up like the eagle and soar in heights of Glory! Surely this God is worthy of POWER and RICHES and WISDOM and MIGHT and HONOR and GLORY and BLESSING! And of how wonderful to know that this God is pleased when we take pleasure in Him… What DIVINE LOVE!

—School of Discipleship Student

God’s Will?


How do you find God’s will for your life? This is one of the questions that we can focus on until life looks like a threatening maze. What if I choose the wrong thing and I regret it? One of the lessons God has been teaching me is that He truly is sovereign. Because of this, I can make choices and take risks.

I’m learning to—Dream; to get advice and good input; think, ask God for His wisdom, then plan and do something. ACTION is essential, because without it nothing changes. I like what Jim Rohn says, “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” I realized I can’t live afraid of making choices and decisions.

I hesitate to make decisions, because I want to make the perfect one. I want to please God, but sometimes it’s also motivated by the fact that I want my life to turn out fine. I want everything to go well. He promises that He will make us more like Christ, but there is no guarantee that our life will be easy.

I’m grateful that, even if God doesn’t tell us the future, we can take courage because He holds the future.

—School of Discipleship Student

What does water do?

What does water do?
At some point we have all heard the account from John 4 of Jesus and the woman at the well. I have heard this account so many times that for awhile I actually missed what Jesus was saying when He referred to the gift of God as the “living water.” I was quite humbled at my lack of knowledge for a seemingly elementary concept of Christianity. But when I asked God to please show me what He means when He says the “living water,” His response was almost instantaneous, as if He had been eagerly waiting my whole life to reveal this truth to me.

“What does water do?” came the voice in my heart. Well, let’s see here… Water refreshes, it cleans, it gives life, it sustains life. The world and everything in it cannot stand a chance without water. Of course! How could I have overlooked this for so long?

Jesus was using water to tangibly describe Himself and the gift of salvation in a way that we can understand. What water does for our mortal bodies, Jesus does for our souls!

Jesus refreshes us when we are exhausted. Jesus washes us of our sins and makes us clean. Jesus gives us life and He sustains our life. Without Jesus we are dry and lifeless. Knowing now this tangible way that Jesus is in my life, how could I ever go a day without a drink of Him? And I love what Jesus promises us, “whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4:13-14)

I hope you are encouraged in whatever drought you may be facing, that Jesus is the source of your life and refreshment to your soul.

—School of Discipleship Alumni

Sweet Hour of Prayer…


Of the many things I have learned at School of Discipleship so far, I think the most precious is the sweetness of prayer! It has been well said that GFA was founded by prayer, continues through prayer, and will die without prayer. How true I have seen and experienced this to be  over the past 7 months of being here. It is an unexplainable privilege that I have often overlooked, and am learning to be more thankful for….. being united together as His people in Spirit with a heart cry for God and His kingdom to be established in our sinful world. God is ever-faithful in answering the pleas of His little children and because of it many precious souls are coming to life in Jesus Christ! Glory be to God who alone is worthy!

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” Matthew 6:9-10

—School of Discipleship Student

Life in the Body

I am so blessed to serve with a Body of Believers who are really like the Church in Acts. We are all here for two purposes: to grow closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to proclaim His name and His glory to those millions who haven’t heard His name.


The reason I write this post is because I have been struggling with headaches consistently everyday for the past… 7 months? And when I walked down the hallway today, someone stopped me to see how I’m doing. When I mentioned the headache, they stopped what they were doing and prayed for me right then and there. This is not an uncommon occurrence, actually it happens all the time. We are a people who pray together constantly, are transparent with one another as the Body should be, we are there to encourage and give of ourselves (out of the strength of God) to help others, we love others even when its hard to do. The staff here at Gospel for Asia are living out what it means to be the Body of Christ. And I am so encouraged by it.

I’m sure there are other places out there that are similar. But I am so blessed to be a part of this family. :)

—School of Discipleship Alumni

The Beauty of Brokenness

In School of Discipleship, we recently have finished the book called The Calvary Road by Roy Hession. Wow! This book is truly a book that consists of hard truths that challenged by walk with the Lord.

The main theme of the book is brokenness. It talks the absolute importance of brokenness in God’s people; that brokenness is the opening to revival. Well, when I think of revival, I think huge, thousand and thousands of souls coming to Christ rather than experiencing revival personally! Well, both are revival! Revival is also personal! It is the supernatural, amazing outpour of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we shape in humility through brokenness. Genuine brokenness is not included in our nature, but is a completely a work of the Holy Spirit! Oh, how the Lord has granted much patience as I learn this amazing journey with Him, learning from His amazing example of brokenness!

“Oh Lord, Please Lord…. Break me for what breaks you”

—School of Discipleship Student

What Compels Me?


com·pel– force or oblige to do something

 “For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died.” 2 Corinthians 5:14

God has been challenging me with this question. What is it that compels me to follow Him? What is it that compels me to pray for my neighbour, or even have a song of praise on my lips? Is it my circumstances, emotions, or even pride?

One thing that humbles me is how I can manage to do things for Christ, being motivated by anything but Him. Often, I can be compelled by so many things!  I can go on my merry way thinking I making accomplishments, yet not realize that my service to God is being marred by my prideful attitude in which I do them.

Oh to simply and wholly be compelled by the unfathomable love of Christ where with He has loved and lavished on His people. I wonder how my life would be so radically different if my motivation for all I did was fueled by His amazing  love alone. Surrender would perhaps become joyful; sacrifice would become a privilege, and loving and forgiving others an absolute delight.

I pray that the Lord would be the receipt of all my affection and devotion, and that it would be Him alone that would compel and govern my entire life!

—School of Discipleship Student

Where has the time gone?


It appears to be mid-September already! That is the 8th month of the Discipleship program and I find myself asking the question “where has the time gone?”

Christmas is coming, graduation is just around the corner and it feels like I just got here. However I do feel like I have learned so much in the past 8 month despite it feeling so short. Through many trials the Lord has always remained faithful and in times of need God has been my great provision. Through this my love for Christ has really grown.

I praise the Lord that He called me to School of Discipleship. Here I have gained another family, have learned and continue to learn to live as a true disciple as well as have had many fun events and activities.

With only 3 months left I look forward to what the Lord will all teach me yet in my time here. I already can say that this is a year that has changed me forever and I will never forget.




The opportunity to pour your efforts on something bigger than yourself is more than an incredible blessing; it is an inexplicable phenomenon in which you witness your own change of heart.

There have been many instances where I find myself sad about a personal matter and get to express these emotions in prayer for a nation or a people who does not even have the freedom to worship Jesus in public. It is never easy to enter a time of prayer this way, but God taps on something inside me that only enlarges my heart each time.

A very tangible realization of God’s greatness occurs and it does require proof of my commitment to know God’s heart; but more so, with the little faith I have to persevere, God reveals the truth that I am made in His image because I can reflect His trait of choosing the higher road— in the case of the example I’ve given, this would be committing to pray for the nations anyway.

Similarly, everyday I’m in the office, though I constantly become weary of looking at a computer screen, I know I’m not “missing out in life” because I’m a part of bringing forth the gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world.

These may all sound like a feel-good realization but they aren’t because the difficulties do not cease in their coming. I’m learning that this isn’t about suppressing emotions or valid concerns about my daily life and close relationships—for these do matter to the Lord. But something in my soul is awakened or maybe reawakens when I choose a different outlet that the Lord provides for my worries and despairs—that is, crying out to Him for his kingdom come.

Coming to Gospel for Asia is the first time I have been exposed to the world of missions and the sobering call of the Great Commission of Christ. I have learned to pray for many hours and have become more aware of the world’s need for a Savior. But more than these practical skills, each waking hour I am here, I further recognize that I’m not the same person I was because I get to experience a little more of God’s heart and His love for mankind.

I am blessedly changed and so blessedly challenged.

Loving One Another

A couple of weeks ago, we had a time of solitude.  During that time, God directed my attention to the second epistle of John.  In this epistle, John reminds us that it is not a new commandment, to love one another but the original that was from the beginning.  He immediately brings up that this is in opposition to the deceivers who teach that Jesus did not come in the flesh.  What correlation do these two teachings have?  It deserves a closer look.

Let us gather the context first. In the first part of the book John’s excitement for the truth is almost overwhelming.  He uses the word five times in the first four verses.  This culminates in his statement of joy that some of the children of the elect lady were walking in truth.

With this premise of excitement about truth, He naturally flows into the commandment to love one another.  Defining love as walking according to the Father’s commandments, he states that loving one another has always been the commandment even from the beginning.

It came to mind that if this truly is the case I should be able to find it in the books of Moses.  Looking at Genesis we learn that in the beginning God created the earth as a place to put man to dwell in unity with one another.  A place where they could love one another, within the protection of God’s garden.  However, man refused to live in love.

Having rejected the ideal place that had been provided for them, they were without hope. God, however, in the book of Exodus through His servant Moses, demonstrated that would not give up on them.  He, in His mercy, gave them a law to show to everyone what love looks like in daily life.  As I was reading Exodus recently, I noticed everything that is in the law is about either loving God or loving others and what this looks like in practical terms.  Man, sadly, did not have the ability to live in this way of love.

God therefore had to become flesh and demonstrate that the life of love can only be lived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now because He rose again, Jesus imparts the Holy Spirit to all who believe on Him.  If He did not come in the flesh and be tempted in every way as we are, He could not give us the power of the Holy Spirit to live this way.  Denying Jesus’ deity, therefore, is not just some random theological point. It is rejecting the means God has given us to live the way we are commanded i.e. through Christ and is thus intrinsically connected to loving one another.

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